gonna start using this as a personal now aye


Guys, I have a little situation and if you can please just give this a read it’d mean a lot to me.
Me and my girlfriend, Lacie, are having an argument and I keep telling her that I believe she’s beautiful but she keeps denying it because she doesn’t believe me. So here I am, about to ask the people of tumblr to please get this as many notes as possible, because I really want to prove to the love of my life that she’s beautiful.
If you do this, I’ll be really happy. Please, tumblr? For me?

Austin Carlile | Of Mice & Men at Vans Warped Tour 2012




I wish there was some way to use your phone to text somebody but instead of typing stuff you would say it out loud into the phone or something and the other person could hear you and they would just talk out loud back to you.


you mean a phone call

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